The story of  Bizzour Decor

The story of Bizzour Decor

It all started back in 2020. Bizzour Decor was just a thought formerly known as Dyannas Decor.

In September of last year, it was a regular day  Ancytho C. ( co-owner of and I we  were talking about how we would like to follow our passion. Fast forward to December 2020, my husband and I moved to Texas. At that moment, I chose happiness over fear.

By January 2021, I launched Dyannas Decor, it was terrifying and exciting. After 3 months, I decided to rebrand my business and that’s how Bizzour Decor started. It's been 6 months , It hasn’t been easy. I absolutely love being a business owner but at times it can get very frustrating. Some days will be great and some not so good. It's not wrong to take a break , which we all need. There will be time when you'll feel overwhelmed. 

I would advise writing a business plan or you can start with a journal. It's great to be organized which will help you in the long run.

As time went by, my style change which is the reason why I decided to only focus on home décor accessories and not furniture. I want to connect with my community, 90% of our products are handmade to support  other small businesses.

I would like to say thank you to my husband , family , friends and of course my amazing social media manager Taylor Dederick( and everyone that have been supporting in this journey. I can't to see what the future holds. Don't ever lose faith.


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